At OAC we’re looking to be a vibrant church community made up of real people connected to the real God. Our church life is shaped by our desire to better know Jesus, be shaped by him, and to make Jesus known. You don’t have to wear anything special, or know any special words to come along to church – or even have a special seat to sit in! God wants us all to get real with him, however perfect or messy our lives might be. So why don’t you come along and check out what we do? There’s nothing mystical going on, just a bunch of real people thinking together about the real God.

Craig Olliffe

easter meetings

18th April Good Friday
with a children’s program

20th April Easter Sunday
10am informal and relaxed with a children’s program

sunday meetings

8am traditional & formal in style

10am informal & relaxed with full kids program

5pm informal & relaxed

2014 @ OAC

SFT 320
Everyone is invited for an afternoon of fun @ OAC.

discipleship-explored 320
Join us at 5pm @ OAC on Sundays as we explore what it means to follow Jesus

Ignite 320
Ignite – a new group for young people year 5 and up. Friday nights 6 to 7:30pm @ OAC

Breakfast club logo 320
Breakfast Club – brekkie and bible time for kids year 2 into primary, 8:30am Wednesdays @ OAC. Kids are walked to school for 9:10am.

knowing Jesus making Jesus known